Live Spring Water

Live Spring Water

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Experience a unique taste in water with Livespring water. High energy and of high quality, live water comes
in beautiful glass bottles and dispensers.

2.5 Gallon dispenser
Comes with glass lid, lead-free spigot, and lead-free glass
great for brewing kombucha, jun and meade.

Other Products:

2.5 Gallon Flower of Life Jug
Comes with reusable cap, compact and east to handle, lead-free glass

2.5 gallon jug and dispenser combo
Great alternative to glass carboys for home brewing etc.
High-quality and thick glass with metal lead-free spigot

1 Gallon Globe
Good clean water is vital to the health. Use this non-toxic glass made bottle. Enjoy the taste, and the look. Compact design, lead-free, stainless steel wire, dishwasher safe and easy to carry. Measures 8 x 8 x 8 inches and delivered empty

Blue Hemp Globe bag
Hemp and all-natural Yulex insulation to create the most convenient and stylish water bottle system ever. Keeps liquids warm or ice cold. All metals are solid brass with magnetic closure snaps.


Additional information

2.5 Gallon Flower of Life Jug

USD 44.00

2.5 gallon jug and dispenser combo

USD 111.00

1 Gallon Globe

USD 39.00

Blue Hemp Globe bag

USD 88.00


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