EarthPulse™ v6 Basic PEMF Device

EarthPulse™ v6 Basic PEMF Device

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EarthPulse™ PEMF devices – Experience the benefits of a Deep Sleep at Night!

When you lack a good night’s sleep, the whole purpose of sleep is lost. Sleep time is what your body takes for repair, cellular detoxification, hormone synthesis, immune function and memory consolidation. Not everyone who says has slept, has had a deep sleep. In a society where stress overrules everything, sleep is common to be disturbed.

PEMF Therapy or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy is the most powerful biohacking and recovery tool that exists with research-proven benefits. EarthPulse™ PEMF devices are designed to enhance the sleep via brainwave entrainment. EarthPulse™ entrains the brain to help promote sleep onset and longer – deeper states of sleep.


Benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field

  • Tunes brain and body toward deeper, and more recuperative sleep
  • Improved energy production and will have you feeling a decade or two younger
  • Improved cellular repair and recovery
  • Decreased inflammation and pain
  • Immune balancing


EarthPulse™ v6 Basic PEMF Device is the pinnacle of PEMF technology at an affordable price. Compared to any battery operated system, it’s got a 4 – 5 times more powerful pulsed DC square-wave signal rich in harmonics. Frequency range from 1 Hz – 14.4 Hz with a single electromagnet at 1100 Gauss peak. Great for sleep, accelerated recovery, more strength & stamina and enhanced mobility and flexibility.

Choose the Lite $399 with just the Air-core (no metal parts in magnet, coil only) or the full power Basic $499 with 1100 Gauss peak magnetic field intensity.



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