Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy

What is it?

Red Light Therapy (RLT) has been around for some time and is a biohacking method that is believed to have many benefits. The natural light has a wide spectrum of many wavelengths and colors, but how can red light benefit you? Red light therapy is a technique that projects red light at low-level wavelengths on the full body or part of the body. All that you need to do is sit, sleep, or stand in front of a device that produces red-light, and allow your body cells to absorb it too. The light absorbed will eventually increase the mitochondrial function.  As a result, the body will have a biochemical effect that will increase the energy in the cells. And better energy is synonymous with better overall body function. Different light wavelengths will have different effects on the body, and if the red light is used for healing purposes, the recommended wavelengths range from 630-670 or 810-880. Among many benefits, this therapy is known to improve collagen production, improve skin health and skin complexion, reduce inflammation, improve sleep.

How and where can you get a red light therapy session?

There are qualified professionals offering red light therapies or you can visit a medical spa that offers the service. If you don’t have time to visit or wait to have a therapy session scheduled, a red light product of your own will definitely be a good investment. Red Light Rising has unique red light designs to meet the different needs of each individual. A red light device at home is very convenient and can be used whenever you want. The more you expose your body to the light, the more you will see positive changes in your moods as well as in the overall health. Thank you for reading My Article on MyBioHackstore site!

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